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The Tales Of Five Successful Beanibazar Women

Five persuasive ladies in Beanibazar, an upazila of Sylhet locale, have battled and developed past monetary difficulty to remain as models for others of their sex in a generally moderate society – through their expert accomplishment, or raising families. These are the narratives of the five joyeetas (successful) of Beanibazar: Parul Begum, spouse of Abdul Hannan of Mewa town in the upazila, battled with destitution since her youth. She had to get hitched in her high school a long time because of neediness. After the marriage, she communicated her advantage to proceed with scholastic examinations. Amazingly, her significant other, a financial specialist, and parents in law sponsored her advantage and permitted her to proceed with her schooling. Before long, her significant other had to close his business, having brought about colossal misfortunes. In the midst of the developing family issues, Parul began functioning as a private coach while the spouse utilized himself in devel