The Tales Of Five Successful Beanibazar Women

Five persuasive ladies in Beanibazar, an upazila of Sylhet locale, have battled and developed past monetary difficulty to remain as models for others of their sex in a generally moderate society – through their expert accomplishment, or raising families. These are the narratives of the five joyeetas (successful) of Beanibazar: Parul Begum, spouse of Abdul Hannan of Mewa town in the upazila, battled with destitution since her youth. She had to get hitched in her high school a long time because of neediness. After the marriage, she communicated her advantage to proceed with scholastic examinations. Amazingly, her significant other, a financial specialist, and parents in law sponsored her advantage and permitted her to proceed with her schooling. Before long, her significant other had to close his business, having brought about colossal misfortunes. In the midst of the developing family issues, Parul began functioning as a private coach while the spouse utilized himself in development work. Parul was gifted in sewing. At one phase, the couple got some cash as advance from a nearby NGO and purchased a sewing machine. After this, their pay developed reliably. Seeing Parul's ability, the executive of neighborhood Union Parishad extended to her an employment opportunity to prepare nearby individuals in sewing at a compensation of Tk 5,000 every month. Following two years, she was chosen as an individual from the association parishad. As of now, she runs her own ranch with 25 hens, 23 goats, and 8 bovines. She is likewise the proprietor of a versatile adjusting shop. Presently the family is prosperous. Shilpi Rani Dutta, spouse of Amresh Chandra Dev of Bilua town in Charkhai association, is another fruitful lady in Beanibazar. She also was from a helpless family. Her scholastic life was going to be stopped when she was in class five. In any case, she figured out how to endure the emergency and finished her SSC assessment in 1990. At that point, she got admitted to a nearby school and took an occupation as low maintenance educator at a kindergarten school. On consummation of BBA, she joined a grade school as right hand instructor. She has additionally worked in family arranging, picking up local people's trust and certainty by exhorting them on their most close issues. The family arranging association surfaces again on account of Shahjadi Sultana Begum. From a ruined foundation, in the wake of finishing SSC assessment, Shahjadi took an occupation offered by the Family Planning Department. Be that as it may, being constrained by the family, she needed to leave the work. The weight got so hard that even her sister's better half took steps to separate from his significant other if Shahjadi proceeded with her work. She then left the work and got hitched to a jobless youth. Her better half left the nation for Kuwait to acquire occupation. Be that as it may, he got back with practically nothing as she neglected to land any position in Kuwait. At that point, Shahjadi alongside her family began to battle. Over the span of time, her oldest girl moved to the UK and got hitched there. Her child went to Kuwait in the wake of finishing SSC assessment in the nation. Also, the most youthful girl finished her graduation from Sylhet MC College and left nation for the UK. She additionally got hitched there. Nonetheless, the most youthful child finished his BBA and MBA and is looking for work now in the nation. Shahjadi is the girl of Haji Abdur Noor of Kargram vaillage of Alinagar association. Rubina Akter Rubi, girl of Md Nur Uddin of Khashirband town of Kurarbazar association, Rubina needed to get hitched while she was a class-X-understudy because of monetary emergency. The couple was progressing admirably. Her better half was happy to travel to another country. In any case, he turned out to be intellectually wiped out of nowhere and neglected. His family began censuring Rubina for his disappointment. At one phase, they tormented her both intellectually and truly. Being not able to endure the circumstance, she got back to her parent's place and begun filling in as a mentor in a nearby ladies' relationship with a compensation of Tk 4,000. Moreover, she took an occupation at a gem retailer. Before long, she opened a shop. At present, from being not able to make her own finishes meet, she utilizes and gives occupation to 6 individuals at her own shop. Another lady, Tajirun Begum, girl of late Kala Mia of Pariyabahar town of Lauta Union, is eminent in the upazila for her exceptional commitments to social turn of events. Her dad was executed when she was just 15. Alongside seven siblings and a sister, Tajirun at that point began the landmark of life. She breezed through her HSC assessment with budgetary assistance from the nearby association parishad executive. Afterward, she joined the Union Parishad as an office colleague. Moreover, she began giving clinical help to the poor at Shurjer Hashi center each Saturday. At present, Tajirun is assuming different functions in the public arena. Among others, she is filling in as the leader of One House One Farm venture at the association, leader of Boiragibazar Women Association and furthermore as leader of Community Satellite Clinic's Managing Committee. As of late, she purchased a house involving two rooms and 10 decimals of land. She has been perceived as Joyeeta for her commitments to social turn of events.


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